Rosewood Place

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Numbering 30 plots, comprising of 3 and 4 bedroom family homes, Rosewood Place offers the opportunity to become part of a small community within the more spacious grounds of the Wynyard Park estate.

Outside, a host of design details and a varied palette of materials have been introduced to provide a vibrant, interesting and well established streetscape. Comprising a mixture of render, brickwork and stone, along with traditional architectural features such as bay windows, chimneys and dormer windows Rosewood Place will undoubtedly convey a well established heritage and sense of belonging.

Inside every Joseph Homes dwelling the layout of each house type has been meticulously planned. Spacious living and high quality finishes are key design features that have been successfully incorporated into our beautiful homes.

House Types Development Plan

Development Plan

Development plan of Rosewood Place

Who doesn’t dream of a graceful home in an environment that brings you closer to the natural world?

Or do you crave the warmth and company of village life? At Rosewood Place, Joseph Homes brings you the best of both worlds.

Wynyard Park’s unique location offers a mix of undulating countryside encompassed by over 180 acres of mature woodland. Such defining features create an uninterrupted backdrop inviting you to walk, exercise, cycle and feel renewed by the country air and wildlife.

Yet just across the way from Rosewood Place will be the Wynyard Park Pub, Restaurant and Country Larder, putting quality meeting, eating and shopping at the heart of Wynyard Park to make life complete.